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Special Agent

FAB! Special Agents have the same great benefits as Lieutenants, but also included is a Monthly Merch item shipped to your door. Take 15% off every Gerry Anderson Store purchase and look for regular Behind the Scenes updates for Special Agents only!


Spectrum is Green! Upgrade to Lieutenant for £10 a month and get script access, archive audio, free audiobooks, exclusive videos, and live watchalongs with Jamie and Richard! Your store discount doubles to 10% off for the duration of your membership!


Ready for liftoff! Recruit memberships are just £5 and include access to all Cadet level benefits but also previews of upcoming content and an outstanding, ongoing 5% discount at the Gerry Anderson Store for the duration of your membership.


Stand by for action! On a budget but still want to be a part of Anderson Insiders? Join up and try it out for as little as £1 a month. Get access to exclusive Q&As, archive photos from all your favourite shows, and merch deals and discounts!