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Thunderbirds Gun Prop Replica Video

If you're thinking about purchasing one of Planet Replicas' amazing Thunderbirds gun prop replicas then check out this video... it's a truly F.A.B piece of merchandise!

This official and fully licensed life-size replica even comes with a simple removable stand to display it. The stand was designed to hold the raygun without complicating the overall look and we think that you will agree that it looks truly F.A.B.

The Thunderbirds raygun is a high quality, weighty build. You'll be able to feel the quality the moment you get your hands on one.

This piece of nostalgia is ready to order now. If you are interested and passionate about Thunderbirds and Gerry Anderson and this is something that you agree is really cool, we would encourage you to buy now and get that something that you couldn't have had when you were much younger!

The raygun number is marked on the exterior of the box, so you know which of the 350 you own!

Please note that the Thunderbirds gun is strictly limited to 350 units worldwide.