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The Perfect Game for Christmas: Thunderbirds Retro Monopoly

Wouldn’t it be nice to own the Paradise Peaks Hotel, or maybe buy a house just outside the Atomic Station in Melbourne? The new Thunderbirds Monopoly game from Winning Moves, licensed by Hasbro and ITV, allows you to achieve all this and more.

TB Monopoly

This version of Monopoly does a superb job of taking all aspects of the classic Thunderbirds series and utilising them in the game. The properties, transport systems and utilities are all taken from Thunderbirds and grouped together based on where they are in the world. For example, you could try and take over the United Kingdom with hotels by buying up Allington Bridge, London Airport and the Bank of England. Or if you’re feeling really wealthy and ambitious you could buy up the Atlantic Sea-Bed and the drilling rig Seascape and start your property empire from there. 

TB MonopolyTB Monopoly







The playing pieces are nice little metal representations of Thunderbirds 1-5 and FAB 1, so you can take your favourite International Rescue craft around the world, buying up properties as you go, or paying rent to your fellow players if you land on their squares.

TB Monopoly

For added authenticity the F.A.B. and Yes M’Lady cards take the place of Community Chess and Chance cards to give you little bonuses or hindrances throughout the game. You could be lucky and receive royalties from your fellow players for your recording of Dangerous Game. Or you may be unlucky and have to pay for the repairs on Runway 29.

TB Monopoly

Overall this game comes with the drama, tension and excitement of classic Monopoly, with the added fun of the Thunderbirds universe. It’s a must have for anyone who enjoys both the game and the series. Perfect for Christmas to play with all your family and friends, whether they’re Thunderbirds experts or just casual viewers who want to try and different take on a classic game.

Available now from the Gerry Anderson Shop!