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Listen to your music in classic Thunderbirds style!

International Rescue is famous for its selection of hidden gadgets and now the Gerry Anderson shop has a top secret device just for you. You can now experience Tin-Tin's favourite bands like The Cass Carnaby Five or Michelle and the Asteroids in a way you never would have thought possible – through a tobacco tin, courtesy of Tinamps.

This simple but effective device is a high quality portable speaker contained inside a tobacco tin featuring iconic photographs of the Thunderbird machines on the lid. The wooden speaker grill completes the classic vintage look. You can then plug in your smartphone, tablet, mp3 player or any device with a 3.5mm audio output, flick the rather satisfying on/off switch, press play and Thunderbirds Are Go!

Not only is this a great looking piece of kit but it also has some F.A.B. capabilities. For such a small amplifier the quality of the sound it puts out is very good indeed allowing you to enjoy the rich fullness of your music collection. With its rechargeable battery you can put the tinamp in your pocket and take it anywhere – in the passenger lounge onboard Fireflash, working on the drilling rig Seascape, or relaxing by the pool on Tracy Island.

There are six tinamps to collect featuring the five Thunderbird craft and FAB 1 which can easily be connected and used together.

For music fans and collectors of limited edition Thunderbirds merchandise, this is a fun piece of technology that even Brains would be proud of!