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About the Official Gerry Anderson Store

The Official Gerry Anderson Store

By Buying from The Official Gerry Anderson Shop you get:

  • Official licensed products;
  • High-quality fully licensed Gerry Anderson merchandise, memorabilia and collectables;
  • Many unique and exclusive Gerry Anderson products that aren't available elsewhere;
  • an opportunity to support Gerry Anderson's legacy by helping Anderson Entertainment develop existing and legacy projects.


About Anderson Entertainment

Anderson Entertainment was founded by the late Gerry Anderson in 2002. It was set up as a production company to handle various projects that Gerry worked on. Following his death from Alzheimer's in 2012 the company was taken over by his wife Mary Anderson who worked with him on various productions across nearly 4 decades.

Gerry Anderson's television series and films span over 50 years from the Supermarionation productions Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds Are Go, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, Thunderbird 6, Joe 90 and The Secret Service, through to the live-action productions Doppelgänger, UFO, The Protectors, Space:1999 and The Day After Tomorrow, as well as the more recent Terrahawks, Dick Spanner, Space Precinct, Lavender Castle and New Captain Scarlet, an incredible CGI-animated reworking of the original television series.

Now, Mary Anderson is the Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment whilst son Jamie runs the day to day operations.

Anderson Entertainment has two specific goals.

1) The preservation and promotion of Gerry's past work


2) realising the projects that he was unable to see through to completion himself.

Through the merchandise sold on the Official Gerry Anderson shop we hope to offer things that the die-hard fan might be interested in as well as the casual fan. Some projects, like our recent Space Police script book andStarcruiser t-shirt, would be commercially nonviable for other companies. Nevertheless, we would like to make as many interesting items available as possible.

Money which is generated from the merchandise is used to help to fund further projects. 

Please feel free to contact us! We do receive a fairly high level of correspondence already and it can take time to reply, but we endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

We are deeply dedicated to our work, even though it is not very easy. In the year since Gerry died we have been successful in many of our goals and we hope that this may continue. Even when Gerry wasn't particularly proud of his work, his burning wish was still that it would be seen by as many people as possible. We are grateful to all the individuals and companies that are helping us fulfil that wish. 

The team

Mary Anderson - Director

Jamie Anderson - Director

Tim Langhus-Griffin - Customer Support

Henry Gewanter - Public Relations

Katie Lack - Admin

Chris Thompson - Design and Video

Andrew Clements - Email and Social Media