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5 Star 5 Announcement

by Richard N James

I'm delighted to reveal that John Lovell and his gang, first featured in my novelisation of Gerry Anderson's Five Star Five, are back for two brand-new adventures! How could they not be?

Both books feature the cast of loveable characters that Gerry and Tony Barwick created, and their fight against the dastardly Zargons.

In 'The Doomsday Device,' John D Lovell finds himself in prison on trumped up charges of theft and murder. But who has testified falsely against him and why do the Zargons want him out the way? The discovery of a massive new weapon in space can only spell disaster for Kestra.

'The Battle For The Kestra' is the final book in the trilogy and follows the Zargons' last, desperate attempt to invade. With a new President in place, Lovell and his gang must search for the enemy within and thwart the Zargons' plans. In the meantime, they're famed for a series of terrorist incidents, meaning our heroes must turn fugitive...