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FREE MONTH! Celebrate One Year of Anderson Insiders

Wow! What a year it's been! We weren't sure if Anderson Insiders would be a success when we first started, but we were determined to find a way to share great Gerry Anderson content with you. One year later, you've absolutely rocked our world! There's been watchalongs, audiobooks, monthly merch, Q & As, and a whole lot more and you've proved that Anderfans are the kindest and most positive fans in the world. The spirit of International Rescue is strong here! But the journey is just beginning...

Starting this weekend, you should all begin receiving emails (to whatever email address you use with your Patreon account) inviting you to a FREE month of Anderson Insiders at its new home on the Gerry Anderson Store. If you already have a store account with a different email you'd rather use, send a note! There will be a link to the new page in the email. Simply log in to the store to access your benefits! If you have a question or a technical issue, Ben will be on hand to help you through the transition. As of April 1st, new content will stop being posted to Patreon and the page here will be deactivated in favour of Anderson Insiders 2.0.

Thank you (yes, YOU!) for being a part of the Anderson Insiders community. We're so grateful for all your ongoing support and so excited to share some incredible newsy news with you over the next few weeks!