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The Space Police Screenplay - the forerunner to Space Precinct

Space Police screenplay - the forerunner to Space Precinct

It's Space Precinct's 20th anniversary this year. Wow! How time has flown! It doesn't feel like that long ago that I was sat on the workbench in the props department - between Richard Gregory and Christine Glanville - painting alien heads and hands, and building a variety of weapons, communicators and other props. What a lucky boy!

But 8 years earlier - Gerry Anderson was working on Space Police. It was not long after Terrahawks and he'd come up with a new show idea. The title pretty much explains the premise - and if you've seen Space Precinct you'll know how it all goes. He called Shane Rimmer in to play the lead character, and very quickly a fantastic pilot show was put together. It was always one of my favourites growing up... something about the mixture of puppets, stop motion, model work and live action created a magical and exciting blend.

Last year, Ralph Titterton - a private collector and curator of the Barry Gray archive - very kindly offered his copy of an original Space Police script for me too take a look at. When I re-read it it reminded me how much fun the pilot was and I soon sat down to enjoy the pilot on DVD. Although it's aged a little it still looked fantastic. I decided it would be something that Gerry Anderson fans all over the world might be interested in.

The script was painstakingly transcribed - to include original notes, dialogue changes and scene insertions - and features a foreword from Shane Rimmer. It's a really interesting little book, and forms part of the "Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson" - a collection of shows and ideas that never quite made it.

Have a look at the Space Police Screenplay book and see what you think. It's an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable read!