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Settle the Score with the Thunderbirds Chess Set!

Take your favourite Thunderbird machines and characters into battle with the limited edition Thunderbirds Chess Set from Tactic.Thunderbirds Chess Set

Defend your King, Jeff Tracy, using all the assets of International Rescue, with Lady Penelope taking her place as the Queen, the Tracy boys serving as the pawns, and Thunderbirds 1, 2, and 3 functioning as the Rooks, Knights and Bishops respectively.

Thunderbirds Chess SetThunderbirds Chess Set

This is a chess set that even Brains’ trusty robot Braman would be proud of. Each piece stands strong in either a silver or pewter colour depending on which side you fight for. The figurines are well crafted to resemble your favourite Supermarionation heroes and are attractively presented in a special tin along with the board and the rules of the game.

Thunderbirds Chess Set

A great gift for Thunderbirds fans of all ages, whether you’re a chess beginner, or a seasoned player of the game.

And if you’ve got a score to settle, here’s how Thunder-Nerds Chris and Andrew went about it when trouble started brewing on the AnderForum:

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