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Two Gerry Anderson Book Release Coming Up!

There's nothing quite like a book. The look and the tangibility are something you don't really get with an ebook. So we're doing our best to make sure any new releases from Anderson Entertainment. 

You may have seen the news about the upcoming Gerry Anderson photo book - Gerry Anderson: A Life in Pictures (which you can pre-order now). It's an exciting and beautifully put together book - containing hundreds of photos from every decade of his life and career - taken from his personal archive. It gives a look into his life and work in a way that just hasn't been done before.

Also coming up shortly - is a new release of the 1984 Terrahawks novelisati on by Jack Curtis. It hasn't been in print for nearly 30 years, but we're releasing a new edition - with a beautiful new cover by Hollywood concept artist Eric Chu. It'll be available very soon!

Terrahawks novelisation by Jack Curtis - coming soon!