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Meet the Team

The Gerry Anderson Store is staffed by a team of dedicated team of people who love everything Gerry Anderson.

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Tim Langhus-Griffin

Customer Service
If you get in touch with us, then it's likely that our customer service hero Tim will be responding to you. And he'll always do everything in his power to help you out.
"I'm all about customer care. The one constant in my life has always been my dedication to providing excellent customer service. I have worked for a variety of companies, but no matter what the product or the service is, I believe the customer always deserves to be treated as if they are the only customer the company has. Simply put... I just give them FAB treatment!

Growing up in Dorset watching Space: 1999, I remember a friend of mine had a Dinky Eagle and that was my first, memorable introduction to the show. Shortly after my school years, I become a world traveller; first by joining the RAF, and then by marrying my American pen pal. This led to many years living in various parts of the United States (Wisconsin, Maryland and then California). Since then, I have moved to Southern Spain... an experience that was actually caught on camera recently by the American television show House Hunters International."


Katie Lack

London(ish) Agent

Katie is Jamie’s PA and also helps look after the official Gerry Anderson store with Tim.

Katie spends most of her time running around after Jamie and her one-year-old baby (and it is often hard for her to tell the difference between the two!).

Katie’s current mission is to wean her baby onto some Gerry Anderson classics and has started on a solid dose of Thunderbirds and Terrahawks – especially as Zelda is very reminiscent of several relatives!

Chris Thompson

Designer, Blogger, Videographer

Growing up in the wilderness that is East Belfast, Chris Thompson discovered he had the ability to use his imagination to create fantastical places and objects through the medium of art and film. Deciding to use his powers for good instead of evil he now works at Official Gerry Anderson as a designer, blogger and videographer.

Growing up with Gerry Anderson shows all his life, his favourites are Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet.

Andrew Clements (AC)

Blogger, Newsletter Assembler, Video Guy, Master of Sarcasm

Andrew Clements saw his first episode of Thunderbirds during the early 1990's Supermarionation renaissance and never looked back. Stingray and Captain Scarlet followed in rapid succession and the rest is history. He regularly professes his love for New Captain Scarlet and Space Precinct, and claims that Crossroads To Crime "really isn't that bad".

Armed with a passion for writing, speaking in various unintelligible accents, and telling the worst puns in the world, he was recruited by Official Gerry Anderson and given a mission to produce weekly newsletters and assemble fun videos. He wasn't the hero they deserved. He wasn't a hero at all. He was just a brave man, and very good looking...

Chris Dale

Writer, Researcher, Terrahawks Aficionado

Arriving on Earth somewhere between Zelda’s occupation of Mars and Dick Spanner’s exploits in a parallel universe not far from here, Chris Dale became a lifelong fan of pretty much all things Gerry Anderson following the 1990s Supermarionation revival on BBC 2. The first series of Space:1999 will always hold a particularly special place in his heart, closely followed by UFO, both versions of Captain Scarlet, and Joe 90, which he will happily defend to anybody despite its obviously highly questionable moral content. This gives you some idea of the kind of thoroughly depraved chap he is – although it may be worth pointing that even he draws the line at Torchy the Battery Boy.

Chris works for Anderson Entertainment as a writer, penning anything from articles on vintage Anderson toys to various propaganda pieces for Zelda of Guk. He is also responsible for writing five episodes of the new Terrahawks audio series from Big Finish, most likely the ones you enjoyed the most. Just take our word for it. Please.

Jamie Anderson


Jamie is the director of Anderson Entertainment and a die-hard Terrahawks fan. He can usually be found chained to his laptop, or possibly watching some classic Doctor Who once in a while.