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Space 1999

September 13th, 1999: the freak explosion of atomic waste dumps blasts the Moon out of Earth orbit, hurling the 311 men and women of Moonbase Alpha into the far reaches of space.

Space 1999 – Group Three/ITC/RAI – 1973/75
24 episodes x 50 mins

Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson
Producer: Sylvia Anderson
Directors: Lee H. KatzinCharles CrichtonRay AustinDavid Tomblin & Bob Kellett
Director of Photography: Frank Watts BSC
Production Designer: Keith Wilson
Story Consultant: Christopher Penfold
Script Editor: Edward di Lorenzo & Johnny Byrne
Moon City Costumes Designed by Rudi Gernreich
Special Effects Supervisor: Brian Johnson
Special Effects Director: Nick Allder
Music by Barry Gray
Additional Music: Tomaso AlbinoniJack Arel & Pierre DutourGiampiero BoneschiPaul Bonneau & Serge Lancen,
Chuck CasseyFrank CordellVic Elms & Alan WillisRobert FarnonBeda FoltenMike Hankinson,
Gustav HolstRoger RogerDavid SnellHarry SosnikJim Sullivan & Georges Teperino

Martin Landau, Clifton Jones, Andy Dempsey, Raymond Harris, Barbara Bain, Anton Phillips, Mike Stevens, Annie Lambert, Barry Morse, Suzanne Roquette, Robert Phillips, Binu Balini, Prentis Hancock, Loftus Burton, Sarah Bullen, Andrew Sutcliffe, Nick Tate, Tony Allyn, June Bolton, Barbara Kelly, Zienia Merton, Quentin Pierre, James Fagan